Border Bottlenecks Hurt US-Canadian Economies

A new report by the Brookings Institute asserts bottlenecks along the U.S. Canadian border arising from fear of terrorism is hampering economic growth in the Great Lakes region. The report urges both nations to develop a “border of the future” which uses advanced technology to quicken the movement of people and goods and services without sacrificing security measures. There is also a plea to upgrade the infrastructure of the region by constructing bridges, rail lines and ports. The report points out how much political energy is focused on China even though the United States has more trade in one day with Canada than it does in weeks with China. About $1.2 billion daily in trade flows between the two nations.

America is instituting new requirements such as proof of citizenship which discourages Canadians from hopping across the border for shopping or taking in entertainment. It can be assumed terrorist have sufficient intelligence to create false documents or find non-legal ways to get across the virtually unguarded border.