Boss Daley Lives ON

I was raised in the era when Boss Daley of Chicago would wait for election returns to come in from southern Illinois before informing the world of the fact his candidate had won the election. Of course, he  did believe it was only fair to allow dead people one last chance to cast their ballot-for the right person. I am from the Bronx where our beloved Boss Ed Flynn always made certain his candidate won the election. In the nation of Malaysia it appears the ghosts of Boss Flynn and Boss Daley are alive and well. Hundreds of plane flights carrying thousands of  people from Borneo and Sarawak have arrived with folks just itching to vote a straight Barison Naison political ticket.

OK, the government has been in power for over half a century which is reason enough why they should not end their victory spree. Vote for Boss Daley. Oops, I meant vote the straight Malaysian ticket and make certain the right folk win,  again and again and again!!