Botswana And Kenya Rip Mugabe

The summit meeting of the African Union has become a battleground between those nations which are infuriated with the disgraceful manner in which President Robert Mugabe has abused the people of his nation and the recent farce which went by the name of an “election.” Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Kenya wants Mugabe suspended from the African Union while Botswana introduced a resolution which stated “it is our considered view.. the representatives of the current government in Zimbabwe should be excluded from attending Sadc(South African Development Community) and African Union meetings. The session became embroiled in differing views between those who seek to force upon Mugabe a national unity government and those who want him out of the organization in order to make a statement about brutlity and oppression of people.

A problem with asking Mugabe to form a national unity government AFTER he won the sham election is it enables him to negotiate from a position of strength. Had the AU forced this prior to the election, Morgan Tsvangirai would have been in a stronger position to fight for equity in a national unity government.