Bout Has Bout With US Over Extradition

It seems these days a good old fashioned arms dealer can’t even get an even break, particularly when your name is Viktor Bout. The USA wants to extradite him from Thailand in order to place him on trial for smuggling weapons and Bout (the man) says it is unfair to send him west where the deck is stacked and he doesn’t even have the option of paying bribes to wipe out the charges. Bout, who goes by the nickname of the “Merchant of Death” was caught in an American-Thai sting operation and he fears going to the US. His only hope rests with the Russian government which does not wish one of their prominent citizens to appear in an American court and testify about who he paid off or even if he was working for some group or government. There are indications if he winds up in America there is a deal on the table –in exchange for going to jail, supply the names of those with whom he worked. Naturally, Bout denies ever having dealt in arms and insists he heads a company which sells weapons on the open market.

The likelihood of Bout actually ever going to jail is rather remote. He knows too much and there are people in high places who will make certain the mouth of this man is silenced before he can speak the truth about smuggling weapons.