Bowe Blew It So Why Trade For Him?

Bowe Berghdal is a member of the United States Army and for the past five years has been a prisoner of the Taliban. It is a fundamental principle of those who serve our nation in wartime that in battle no man is left behind if it is at all possible to save his life. Mr.Berghdal was in a combat area, but his capture has nothing to do with being taken by the Taliban. He asked his sergeant if he could leave the base and was told not to do anything of that nature. This idiot grabbed a rifle and a camera and decided to go for a stroll. That is how and why the Taliban captured him.

Many Republicans are upset at the exchange of this soldier with the Taliban. The Taliban wind up with five fighters who are willing to risk death for their beliefs. The United States winds up with a man who deserted his post and made certain that he was captured. I have no idea what was in his mind, but there is scant evidence he gave one thought about his comrades in arms. No one wants an American to be a captive of the Taliban, but then again…..