Boy Scouts Must Trip Old Ladies!

Taliban leaders have been meeting in secret in order to devise a plan to handle the latest western invasion. Many elderly men have reported the presence of small groups of young men who dress in short pants, huddle around a fire, and make strange sounds. Muhammad Tamin Hamkar, a scout leader in Kabul, noted that when his troop was at a campfire roasting marshmallows and singing, local mullahs huddled in the darkness taking notes of this secret western cabal.

Sometimes the scouts are mistaken for the Komosmol, the old Communist youth organization. These young terrorists who scout for American Special Forces, play games, learn first aid, and engage in field studies. It is time the Taliban took a stand. First, some girl blogged about female rights, now we have young boys being taught practical skills rather than memorizing the Koran! What next is on the horizon?