Boycott Arizona Or Challenge It?

The Arizona law which requires “suspicious looking people” to have an ID in order to prevent detention and possible deportation has aroused a storm of protest and threats of boycott. The Los Angeles City Council voted 13 -1 to boycott the state of Arizona and cut off millions of dollars in purchases. Ed Reyes, a member of the Council, expressed feeling by noting, “under the new law, as an American, I cannot go to Arizona without a passport” because I might be arrested. A boycott is one weapon, but we suggest a few others that might be appropriate.

1. State troopers could compel anyone trying to enter the state of California to produce ID proving the person is legal citizen of America.
2. People not born in California could have legislation passed which compelled those not official California residents to have a picture ID on their clothes in order to separate legals from non-legals.
3. Any plane coming from an Arizona airport must be piloted by an individual who carries a copy of his birth certificate before being able to taxi the plane in for deplaning.