Boycott Russia

The government of Russia, or should we say, the government of Vladimir Putin,bass passed legislation that makes being a gay or lesbian individual akin to being a criminal.Gay people are not allowed to talk openly about who they are and can wind up in prison for the heinous crime of discussing their views in public. Actually, if a gay person took a nephew to a restaurant and engaged in a conversation then, technically, he was involved in an illegal conversation. Russia will host Olympic games in 2014 and Vladimir Putin wants to show the world how great has been his rule. It is time to confront the egomaniac with a boycott. President Obama should announce that America will not attend these games unless the anti-gay law is suspended.

Putin has made clear that the law applies to foreign gay people. What if an athlete was arrested for violating the law? What then? Boycott the games and embarrass Putin. Oh, it allows President Obama to also retaliate for the Putin move in granting asylum to Edward Snowden.