Boycott Starbucks!

There are reports that liberal un-American people have taken control of the once proud American company known as Starbucks. It was so delightful to drop into Starbucks with my friendly automatic weapon and enjoy a pleasant cup of coffee in the company of well armed customers. I felt secure knowing that if some terrorist entered the shop we could join together and blast that Muslim terrorist to his place in heaven. Now, the folks at Starbucks have issued a new policy. “Our stores exist to give every customer asafe and comfortable repite from the concerns of daily life.” This is simply an invitation to every bum and terrorist to enter Starbucks and make life miserable for other customers.

We hope Starbucks thinks about the bucks it will lose by denying we God fearing 100% Americans of our right to kill bad people. What exactly do you think gives me a sense of security–MY GUN!