Boycott Used To Be A Liberal Word

As one reviews the history of boycotting it is very clear that Jewish groups in  America were firm believers in this concept, particularly during the 1930s when Hitler was in power. American Jews cried for boycotting German products to protest violations of  human rights. During the 1960s many Jewish groups supported boycotting grapes in order to support efforts of migrant workers. Alas, that was then, today is now.

The Park Slope Food Coop in New York City is holding a referendum on whether they should boycott goods from Israel to protest violation of  human rights by West Bank settlers and the Knesset.  Many in the Coop are Jews and they intend to think and act like Jews who throughout human history have defended the rights of those who are oppressed.

Carol Walk who is a member of the Coop noted that Mohammad Othman, a Palestinian activist went to Norway, and on his return was detained by Israel police. The Knesset passed legislation which bans supporting boycott campaigns!!

How can a legislature which  claims to represent the Israel democracy pass such anti-human rights laws?