Boyle Booted Out– Bush Walks Out To Riches

Sgt. Adam Boyle spent two tours in Iraq fighting alongside his companions in battle after battle until finally allowed to return home. In October, a medical evaluation board physician at Ft. Bragg recommended that Boyle go through the process of retirement from the military service due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, in December, General John Mulhollnd, commanding officer of the base, signed an order forcing Boyle out of the service on an administrative discharge for a “pattern of misconduct” and ordered a man who served two tours in combat to repay his re-enlistment bonus. Boyle has gotten into trouble for missing some roll calls and for alcoholism. He tried obtaining psychiatric assistance but ran into delays and lack of available staff to deal with his emotional problems.

In a few weeks, George Bush who has been engaged in non-stop misconduct which has resulted in the death of thousands of Americans and Iraqis will leave gracefully from public office along with a generous retirement package. He never did any military tours in active combat either during Vietnam or in Iraq, but he will be rewarded while Sgt. Boyle suffers from the trauma of seeing his friends die in combat.

Is this the way America rewards those who serve? Obviously, we Americans reward those guilty of “misconduct” as long as they serve in the political army of incompetents.