Boys And Girls-Dangerous World

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is prime minister of the country of Turkey and his Justice and Development party has responsibilities to the people of that nation to protect the moral values of society. He has been following very carefully reports that in college dormitories some rather strange actions are occurring. It appears that boys and girls are not only in classes together, but they are living in dormitories together. According to Recep, “it’s not clear what is going on in these places. They are all mixed up,anything can happen. As a conservative democratic government, we have to intervene.” I do understand what he is saying. After all, in the democratic society of the United States of America, the government has to intervene to make certain we speak to the right people so what is wrong about the government intervening to ensure that boys live with boys and girls live with girls?

I wonder if the prime minister understands that if girls are living with girls and boys are living with boys, the possibility exists that boys will be making love to boys and girls to girls. I hate to tell you, Recep, but you may be fostering gays and lesbians to have romps in the bed together. I also gather that you want to check into houses where there are males and females living together. Does this mean your party opposes baby making in Turkey?