BP Has Oil On Its Hands In Libyan Criminal’s Release!

A growing storm of protest is arising as information leaks out concerning a “deal in the desert” in which former Prime Minister Tony Blair entered into a secret agreement with Libya dictator, Colonel Gaddafi for the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi who killed hundreds of people in the destruction of Pam Am flight 103 in Scotland. A supposed “deal in the desert” allowed a man who murdered people to go free on grounds he will old and ill, and, in exchange, the beloved BP company received an opportunity to make a few billion. The British Daily Mail newspaper claims that Blair flew to Libya last month, an allegation that he denies along with charges he is an advisor to the government of Libya. However, BP did release a statement about the entire matter, and admits, “it did bring to the attention of the United Kingdom government in 2007 its concern about the slow progress in conducting a prisoner-transfer agreement with Libya. Like many others, we were aware that delay might have negative consequences for UK commercial interests including ratification of BP’s exploration agreement.”

In simple, clear English this means BP was to receive rights to get oil in Libya in exchange for the release of a murderer. BP has oil on its hands in the Gulf of Mexico and blood on its hands in Scotland.