BP-It May Be Us–Or Maybe Them!

BP head, Tony Hayward, appeared before Congress to explain what happened, but his comments raised as many questions as answers. “None of us knows why(the accident) happened. But, whatever the cause, we at BP will do what we can do to make certain that an accident like this does not happen again.” He went on to note, “this is a complex accident, caused by an unprecedented combination of failures. A number of companies are involved, including us, and it is simply too early to understand the cause.” He refused to tell Congressmen exactly when the oil spill will conclude because he really does not know. Of course, it is unclear if no one knows what caused the accident, how can he make certain “that an accident like this does not happen again?”

I find intriguing the unclear references to “a number of companies” who played a part in the accident. In order to assist the US Congress in determining the names of those “companies” we offer a tentative list:

1. Al Qaeda. Heck, they are blamed for everything, why not an oil spill.

2. The British Labor Party, they are out of office and can’t do anything to BP.

3. Mossad, the Israeli secret agency, they are another group that is blamed for mysterious accidents.

4. Definitely, the CIA.

5. How about “SOCIALISTS?” According to FOX News they are responsible for every ill in America.

6. Our favorite are the Gremlins. During WWII these tiny unseen men were the cause of all mechanical breakdowns.