BP Misunderstood By Media

There are certain elements of the media which enjoy attacking a noble and prestigious institution known as BP. Some may regard BP as a business organization, but for those who are familiar with its leadership we know this company is among the leading humanitarian organizations in the world. Unlike most companies, leaders of BP emphasize its only purpose in being is to be a guardian of the rights of people. BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley is upset at some member of the media who have attacked his company because they wish to smear the reputation of one of England’s great gifts to the business world. As far as that minor oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is concerned, “we were certainly not perfect in our response, but we have tried to do the right thing and we are making significant changes to our organization as a result of the accident.” But, he wanted to make clear there is no turning back, there is no time for feeling bad, the past is the past and the present is the present according to our noble leader.

As for reports the American government might turn its back on BP, Dudley made clear, we at BP are “part of the American community.” I guess Mr. Dudley read the inscription on the Statue of Liberty which announces an American welcome to all the huddled masses seeking a place of refuge. He knows that means America welcomes the huddled corporate world which seeks to make billions in America. Welcome, welcome, our beloved BP friends and brothers!!