BP Policy Does Not Sit Well With Contractor

A contractor hired by BP to help ensure the safety of the “Deepwater Horizon” well urged the company to adopt a different policy in the cementing of the well, even hours before the eruption finally came. They wanted a cement job that utilized 21 centraliser devices, but BP opted for six. There were ample warning by the contractor regarding the possibility the well might erupt, but when one runs a billion dollar enterprise, the bottom line is always the most important item in any company ledger. A few hours before the entire rig blew up, the comment was “we have just completed the job, it went well.” The problem was the “well” part. The well was not going to go well because not enough stabilisers were present in the cement operation.

Fraud in construction is nothing new in the world. As long as there are governments awarding contracts there will be hustlers seeking to cut corners and make a few extra bucks. After all, two bucks in hand is better than one of them spent on safety.