BP Seeks Oil For Masses

British Petroleum might be centered in the United Kingdom, but its goal is truly global. This is among the first multinational corporations which is attempting to spread the wealth across the entire planet. I realize some Americans are becoming hysterical because a few gallons of oil have spilled on some beaches and got a few spots of oil on some damned birds. Exactly, who told them birds to fly onto a beach covered with oil, if they had some sense, they would have flown away. Of course, this raises questions as to exactly who is sending these birds to oiled beaches–it has to be al-Qaeda, after all, they are responsible for any and all natural calamities. On the other hand, I wish Americans and people of the world would examine the bright side of this oil spill. Anyone, with a can has the opportunity to run down to a beach and get all the oil they need. BP officials should do a better job of spreading the word how they are equal oil producers and simply want to share their oil with the entire planet.

I hate to inform those picking up the oil for free, but BP is planning an operation, “for kill” which will send tons of cement into the hole and block the free export of oil to underdeveloped nations. If that does not work, let me recommend finding the graves of the Marx Brothers and ask their ghosts to take over this clean up operation.

Come to think about it, maybe It is not the Marx Brothers who are in charge, but the Three Stooges,