Bradley Manning-Hero Or Traitor?

Private Bradley Manning has confessed to the crime of providing Wikileaks with thousands of documents from American diplomatic sources. He believed the US military had become obsessed with “capturing or killing people”rather than working to create stable peaceful nations in the Middle East. “I believed if the public, –in particular the American public-had access to the information”in these reports, “this could spark a debate about foreign policy in relation to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Manning  tried to interest the Washington Post in what he had discovered but could not gather interest. Of  course, Woodward and Bernstein secured secret documents that led to breaking open the Watergate scandal. But, during the  first decade of the 21st century the last thing we have witnessed is a debate about Middle Eastern policy. Alas, poor Bradley, off to prison for you. Woodward and Bernstein made millions, Manning will get a nice quiet cell.