Bradley Manning-NO 1Terrorist

It is now clear the American military has been wasting its resources in the wrong place because they have been pursuing the wrong militants. Instead of sending drones to attack the enemy in Afghanistan or Pakistan, all they have to do is check their own military prisons. Private Bradley Manning is secure in a jail cell and now he is headed to court where this notorious Islamic militant and terrorist will finally be sentenced for his crimes against humanity. This terrorist allowed the world to learn about what American diplomats said in the privacy of their emails. Yesterday, a court finally heard the indictment against a man whose crimes far surpass those of Osama bin Laden.

The government charged Manning with revealing a  massive trove of state secrets. He is the man who made history along with Julian Assange for Wikileaks. The prosecutor charged that Osama bin Laden also read the Wikileaks. Unfortunately, aside from revealing that bin Laden read these documents nothing was revealed as to which secrets he read that were used to kill any Americans.

The farce of the century.