Bradley Manning, Terrorist?

It is now 1,000 days since the notorious fanatic Muslim  loving terrorist, Bradley Manning, was first found, arrested and thrown into jail for high crimes against the American nation. A thousand days of being watched, a thousand days of being humiliated and harassed by guards because this slightly built young man whose last thought was violence decided to reveal to the American people what our diplomats thought in their private times at work. He is charged with “aiding the enemy” since he let al-Qaeda and the Taliban into the nonsense that transpires between diplomats and their superiors.

It is a time to end this charade, this travesty of justice and punish Manning in a logical manner. Yes, he did let the world in on what diplomats were thinking, but, of course, one could judge that action as benefiting the American people. Barack Obama once taught constitutional law, it would be nice if he adhered to common sense and the law.