No news today for Fox News, have researchers come up with some topic, issue, absolutely crazy idea that is so weird people will simply have to pay attention because no one in their right mind could ever come up with this one. Karl Rove and associates in the right wing of America have discovered another conspiracy that involves the alien woman named Hillary Clinton. Karl is now convinced that Hillary Clinton last year suffered brain damage when she tripped and fell and thus was unable to attend a Congressional hearing. Or, says Karl, maybe she did not trip but made up this tale in order to avoid testifying about BENGHAZI! America is now confronted by the new BRAINGHAZI conspiracy!!

As Bill Clinton put it: “first they say she faked her concussion, now they say she is auditioning for a part in The Walking Dead. Consistency is the hobgoblin” of these nut cases. In order to assist Fox News and the Republican National Committee, here is a list of topics that could be cited about Hillary Clinton:

1. While she was Secretary of State the rate of infantile paralysis rose dramatically in Pakistan. Is this a simple coincidence?
2. The New York Knickerbockers went from a season in which they won 54 games to one in which they lost over fifty games. Fact: Hillary Clinton did not attend any NY Knick games in 2014. Or, she was sleeping with the entire team and they were exhausted and lost the games. Take your pick.
3. There have been several tornadoes in the Mid West. Think about it: Mid East, Mid West. She is responsible for all problems in the Middle East so she must be responsible for all problems in the Middle West. Stands to reason.