Brandon Jacobs,Star Runner On The Road!

Brandon Jacobs for several years was a star full back for the New York Giants and helped them win two Super Bowls. Little did we know that he also was a star fullback on the highways of New Jersey. Brandon loves to plunge right into the center of the line as he pounds ahead. Little did we know that he also likes to plunge right into heavy traffic and muscle other cars out of his path. It turns out that Brandon used his fame to secure the escort services of New Jersey state troopers.

A 2010 video depicts Jacobs and his state trooper escort weaving his sports car through heavy traffic with sirens blasting and Brandon shouting for everyone to get out of the way. One friend who took part in this escapade of speed is heard shouting, “The New Jersey state police are cruising… we can’t keep up. This is the highlight of my life.”

Two state troopers have been suspended for cruising through  traffic. Such is the power of being a celebrity. Get out of my way, I am famous is the cry of those with wealth and power in America!