Brave Girl, Hated Girl

Malala Yousafzai has won fame in the western world and among those with liberal religious views throughout the world. She was brutally attacked by fundamentalist Muslims in Pakistan because she wrote on a blog about the rights of female students to enjoy education and the rights of free people. Two fundamentalist gunmen shot and seriously wounded the teenager. Malala was forced to go abroad in order to obtain medical treatment and a place of safety from Muslim terrorists. She has been fighting for the right of females to an education, not among the most popular issues in Pakistan villages. Recent polls indicate that many people resent a young girl assuming the role of knowing anything about life. They believe her place is to remain silent and obey elders.

There is nothing new about this attitude among conservatives in Muslim societies. As a taxi-driver told a reporter: “anyone linked to Malala will get killed. No one wants to be seen identifying with her.” Such is the world of 2013 Pakistan.