Bravo Martin Sheen, Friend Of Workers

The media is filled with stories of Hollywood stars getting a new contract or a new lover or caught with drugs, but rarely do we learn about someone famous who performed an act of social justice because it was the right thing to do. Martin Sheen and his son, Emilio Estevez,awoke to hear the sounds of banging drums and went they gazed out the window, there was a picket line. Sheen went downstairs and told pickets at the York Hotel in Toronto, “we will not cross your picket line and if you want us to leave the hotel we will. He then walked with pickets carrying a sign that said: “On Strike for Justice Unite Here.” Sheen told reporters, “I’ve been a union member all my adult life. I’ve been involved in labor struggles all my adult life and I support it.”

OK, it is not the most important issue of humankind. OK, it was just a group of underpaid, overworked people who were trying to get decent wages and working conditions. But, the fact Sheen joined their struggle demonstrates he has not lost his Irish heritage of fighting for the rights of workers.