Brawl In Turkish Parliament

Fighting erupted in the Turkish parliament when the government of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan pushed through a bill that would provide more power for the Ministry of Justice to control the actions of judges and police in order to prevent further prosecutions of friends, members of the government by the judiciary. Three Cabinet members have resigned, children of members of the Cabinet have been charged by police and the judiciary with corruption. Erdogan claims that followers of US based Fetullah Gulen are part of an American directed conspiracy to damage the reputation of Turkey in the world. Gulen used to be a friend of Erdogan, but when the police and prosecutors went after corrupt government officials he suddenly became the enemy.

A member of Parliament was sent to the hospital with a broken nose. Opposition members charge the government is engaged in a massive cover up of its own and their friends. Erdogan has gone power mad and Turkey is damaging its reputation in the world as a center of democratic Muslim societies.