Brazil Dances Angrily

Brazil is destined to become among the great nations of the world before halfway into this century. Its economy is booming, millions are being lifted from a life of poverty, but the soul of this nation has been damaged by an elite which corrupts the entire fabric of life. The latest revolt began with an increase in bus fares. For some reason, bus transportation is not under the control of the government but has been leased out to private enterprise. The money entailed is a few cents but anger stems from a legislature that is corrupt in every aspect of its existence. Cliques and individuals who regard “public service” to mean -how does one make money by being elected to Congress?

At a time when medical care and decent housing is essential Brazil is spending billions for new football stadiums to host a World Cup or an Olympic. Once, the people of Brazil wanted prestige, today they want a decent life and the hell with prestige. A popular revolt is brewing and for the first time, football is not the important aspect of life.