Brazil Hostage To Terrorists

Ah Brazil, land of enchantment with people dancing in the streets, gorgeous beaches, a dynamic capital city of Rio de Janeiro, and sunshine and gorgeous men and women. What could one desire more than life in such a paradise? Guests at the International Hotel in the city are now cowering in their rooms after witnessing the hotel invaded by ten gunmen demanding something, but deciding to hold 30 guests as hostages in their standoff with the police. Finally, after gunfire wracked the area, the police were able to negotiate with the criminal band for release of hostages and return to some form of quiet and peace. The gunmen entered the hotel with high-caliber rifles, grenades and pistols and when the police arrived at the scene, there are reports dozens of the gunmen fled to the safety of a nearby slums. One guest wryly noted, “It seemed as if I was in Iraq.” After end of the siege, many guests told reporters they were not leaving the hotel because of fear there were criminals waiting outside.

Rio de Janeiro supposedly is the site of the 2014 World Cup matches. Who knows, maybe football players will show up for the games, but will there be spectators in the stands. Of course, the government of Brazil could always negotiate with criminals to fill in the stands. Heck, why not encourage them to bring their rifles and grenades and thus ensure Brazil is victorious in the games?