Brazil ended its dictatorial regimes years ago and has lived under what is termed a “democracy”for decades. Those who were brutalized gained power and promised to use national resources in order to enrich the lives of all citizens. But, once in power, the glamor of the good life and nice clothes and apartments assumed a new force in the lives of those who once were poor. For the past month, thousands of people have protested in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and other cities because the government is allocating resources for stadiums and the Olympics in order to raise the “prestige” of Brazil.

How does one measure, “prestige?” Is it measured by hosting an Olympics of World Cup or does it arise from new hospitals and schools and low cost bus fares. Obviously, it is difficiult boasting that people can ge to work inexpensively, or that health care is readily available. After all, which comes first, hosting the Olympics or ensuring that no baby dies at birth??