Bread “As Scarce As Gold” in Zimbabwe

The crisis of hunger continues in Zimbabwe where the corrupt dictatorial government of Robert Mugabe refuses to abandon its failed policies of driving out farmers who can produce for the nation. His government issues further eviction notices to the last remaining 609 farmers in Zimbabwe and with their departure this month, farms will be under the control of Mugabe’s cronies and friends rather than under the supervision of people who are efficient farmers. The inflation rate is beyond 10,000% and people survive on vegetables because bread is only obtainable on the black market. Industrial capacity is running at 30% of its potential and thousands are without work. It is estimated the unemployment rate is about 70%. Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition party says bread is now “as scarce as gold” and millions are suffering. At least a million people have fled from Zimbabwe to South Africa in search of work.

President Mugabe is mainly responsible for this tragedy in which Zimbabwe, once among the richest nations in Africa, has now fallen to among the most poverty stricken. He drove out efficient farmers because they were white and gave the land to his friends. He has stifled opposition parties with brutality. And, the other African nations have remained silent. They once were vocal when whites oppressed Africans, but now silence reigns as black Africans persecute Africans.

  • Texas_JAM

    Mugabe has screwed up his country. What a selfish freak’in disaster!