Breakaway Regions Claim A “Kosovo.”

The Georgia breakaway region of Abkhazia is seeking recognition from the European Union for its decision to end relations with Georgia and become an independent state. Deputy Foreign Minister Maxim Gunjia emphasized: “we want the European Union to recognize our independence. This is a very positive moment for the EU.” In a sense, South Ossetia and Abhhazia have placed the European Union and the United States in a rather awkward situation since those bodies strongly supported the right of Kosovo to break away from Serbia and declare its independence. Gunjia pointed out to the European Union in no uncertain terms, “we use the same arguments as those used by the West with regard to Kosovo. There was no possible way to reconcile with Georgia. this is purely a continuation of the Kosovo precedent.”

Russia most probably would like to create disunion within the EU over this issue. For example, Slovakia was hesitant about recognizing Kosovo as independent and there may be nations within the EU which are torn between anger at Russian behavior and the right of people to be independent. Ironically, China has expressed displeasure at the prospect of the two regions becoming independent because of fears similar demands would be made by ethnic groups within China.

President George Bush has never been the swiftest thinking person in the world and most probably never recognized that by supporting Georgia he opened the door to the two regions declaring independence.