Breivik, Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Republicans

Anders Breivik is angry. He is angry because the beautiful Christian civilization of Europe is being over run by hordes of Muslims and dark skinned immigrants. He longs for the time when Europe was composed of Christian folk–except for a few of those Jews– and life was beautiful. Listen to his words:

1. Europe is being over run by Muslims.

2. Immigrants are destroying “our civilization.”

3. “We must take action to halt the spread of Islam” or — the conclusion is somewhat confusing.

4. God is angry and judgment day is approaching.

Listen to Republicans:

1. America is being over run by illegal immigrants.

2. We have a foreign born president who wants to spread the Muslim religion.

3. A straight line exists from Obama to terrorist bombers, just follow the yellow brick line.

4. Judgment Day is upon us and Christ will only take true believers on the trip to Heaven.

Anders Behring Breivik is fortunate to live in Norway which does not have a death penalty. The longest sentence possible for murder is 21 years. He will be 53 when the sentence is over.

America has crazy people on the loose posing as political leaders. I have a hunch they would love having lunch with Anders.