Breivik Brays Defiance

Anders Breivik was convicted of the murder of 77 innocent young Norwegians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Breivik is convinced Muslims seek to over run Norway in order to seduce pure Norwegian girls and pollute the white race. He was sentenced to 21 years in jail where he will be in an isolated cell, away from other prisoners. He told the court the only verdict he would accept was  aquittal or death. “I stand by what I have done and I would still do it again” was his statement to the world.

Mr. Breivik is insane. He is simply a symptom of anti-Muslim hysteria which is rampant in Europe and the United States. He inhabits a dream world in which white folk are threatened by dark skinned folk. Most probably 21 years of silence in a cell is the fitting punishment for a man who is out of touch with reality. He can spend his days giving Nazi salutes and planning further murders.