Bribe The Taliban? Do Something Illegal?

The other day I caught Senator John McCain expressing horror at the thought gays and lesbians might be serving alongside straight people. He apparently is also opposed to bribing Taliban militants in order to switch sides. NATO General Anders Rasmussen expressed similar confusing comments about the thought of “bribing” Taliban soldiers. Instead, he said there was a $140,000,000 reconciliation fund that might be used to get Taliban soldiers who are fighting for money rather than ideology to change sides.

There is something amusing about the self righteousness of McCain and NATO leaders. American and NATO soldiers are dying, and these people quibble about paying money to people. Funny, John McCain is all for getting rid of gays and lesbians, but sees nothing wrong with HIRING American civilian companies to make lots of money supplying the military. As far as I know, no one checks Blackwater staff as to who is gay and lesbian. But, when it comes to helping big business make dough, John McCain loses his self righteousness.