Bring A Gun To Work?

I am a big fan of Johnny Cash and loved his song about a boy who brought is gun to town and wound up dead despite pleas of his mom not to do this.  The National Rifle Association is pushing for the right to bring your gun to work. I have a hunch, just a hunch, that business leaders do not want their employees to have a gun in their desks when things  get stormy at work. The NRA is worried about a crazy employee who enters the work place and begins shooting. As we know this is a common problem in the American work place.

There were 500 workplace homicides among the 100,000,00  or so workers  who work about 200 days a year. Do the math. My main concern these days is  making certain that children attending day care are protected against kids who want to kill them. How about providing every child in America with a gun??