Bring Back The Taliban Say Afghan Villagers!

As British troops moved into a village recently “liberated” from the Taliban, they were shocked to discover most of the villagers believe government forces, particularly the police, are much worse than living under Taliban rule. Mohammad Gul, an elder in the village of Pakela, which is currently being taken over by British troops, told a reporter for al-Aribilya, “the police would stop people driving on motorcycles, beat them, and take their money.’ He pointed to two compounds where pre-teen children had been abducted by the police and used for the local practice of “bachabazi” or having sex with young boys. He also claimed boys working in the fields were seized and taken to the compound to be raped. Mohammad Rasul, an elderly farmer, who son was killed by a Taliban roadside bob, told reporters, “we were happy (after the Taliban arrived.”

Perhaps, these are a few malcontent voices and one should not pay much attention to their complaints about local police and the Afghanistan government, but their comments sound very common to those who are knowledgeable about the Vietnam war. If the villagers are right, then the “Obama surge” may in the future be termed the “surge” that restored Republicans to power.