Bring My Brother Home!

Yingluck Shinawatra is Prime Minister of Thailand and she has a brother named Thaksin who once was prime minister of Thailand. He was compelled to leave the country when he upset a lot of people, and now sis wants to bring him home. She introduced an anmnesty bill that would allow A person to return to Thailand, guess who? The proposed bill infuriated thousands of people and they filled the streets of major cities protesting the return of Thaksin. The amnesty bill was rejected by the legislature but over 50,000 people who had filled the streets of Bangkok were not satisfied and were demanding action. As of this point it is unclear the action they desire.

There are times to be for the family and there are times to distance oneself from the family. Yingluck was doing OK until she decided to demonstrate sister love. The result is clear. Opposition groups are now using the amnesty bill as the rationale of demanding that sis leave Thailand and join her brother elsewere.