Bristol Bristles At Homos!

I was raised to admire and respect those who stood up for their families or religion if insulted by others. Bristol Palin was in a bar, I assume drinking alcohol in a good Christian manner, when  two jerks approached her and shouted insults about her mother. They referred to mom as a “whore” and “the fucking Devil.” Like any good daughter, Bristol responded and fought back. No one denies her the right to respond, but guess how she responded? “It is because you are a homosexual” And, that’s why you hate her?”

Her staff told the media: “Bristol responded to an unprovoked verbal assault by calmly standing her ground and defending her family.” They also insist she had no hate toward homosexuals.

Let me get this straight. Two guys approach you and insult your family. OK, I got that part. But why are they “homosexuals?” is the part I do not get. Heck, I am straight and would say the same thing about mom. In the future I await other responses from Bristol:

“Are you a faggot?”

“Are you one of those Jews who killed Christ?”

“You must be one of those Muslim terrorists”

“I bet you are one of those people who doesn’t kill deer!”

Bristol, dance on and on with your bigotry.