Britain Returning Homosexuals To Prison Or Death!

A new report by Stonewall reveals there has been a systematic policy pursued regarding gay and lesbian asylum seekers under the Labor government which results in returning those who face prison and other forms of punishment because they are homosexuals. Home Secretary Theresa May who just assumed office has promised to rethink this policy and make certain that no one who is returned to their nation of origin will face punishment for an act that is not illegal in the United Kingdom. The “No Going Back” report says there has been a “systematic discrimination” policy in effect which resulted in 76.5% of those claiming fear due to their sexual orientation being returned to nations like Uganda where homosexuality can result in long prison sentences.

One asylum seeker was asked by an investigator, “why do you choose to be a homosexual when you know that is illegal in your country?” It is this type of insensitivity which has resulted in forcing people back into punishment and prison. Hopefully, the Cameron/Clegg government will restore the right of humanity to the UK.