British Aid Worker Killed In Afghanistan For Christianity

The Taliban in Afghanistan portray themselves as centered in religion and the values of the Muslim religion. However, they view as heretical and threatening any evidence that someone believes in another religion and attempts to preach their views to Muslims. Gayle Williams, worked for Serve Afghanistan, an organization that focuses on community development, education and vocational training for people with disabilities. The staff is composed entirely of people who volunteer for these tasks. Ms. Williams had nearly arrived at her office when two men hopped off a motor bike and shot her dead.

Williams had recently moved back to Kabul from Khandahar because of the serious problems in that area. She had no connection to missionary work, her task was helping Afghan people, not converting them to anything.

The goal of the Taliban is to institute terror so that everyone fears for their life. In this process is their hope of driving from Afghanistan those who seek to help the people of Afghanistan.