British Appeal Court Blocks Deportation Of Terrorist

A British Appeal Court halted the deportation of Abu Qatada who is accused of beng the “spiritual ambassador to Europe” of al-Qaeda. Although, Jordan promised the British government it would not torture the man, the Court refused to accept that guarantee. Judges also blocked the deportation of two Libyan men due to fear of torture and denial of fair trials. Human Rights Watch claimed the decision was a blow aimed at the government’s plans to deport individuals to nations which ordnarily use torture in order to extract confessions. “These cases,” said Julia Hall, “show that the British government should stop trying to deport people to countries whose justice systems are deeply tainted by torture and other abuses.”

Hopefully, the fight to end terrorism in the world can proceed without nations feeling compelled to use the tactics of terrorists. Demcracy must stand apart from the evils of men by behaving in such a manner as to demonstrate the importance of fair trials as the best weapon to combat those who oppose the democratic process.