British Army Falls Short Of Sufficient Equipment

British soldiers continue being killed in Afghanistan despite years of fighting in that country in the misguided belief that peace soon would be at hand. During the past few days, new reports from Army sources claim the average British soldier is being sent into combat without the right type of military equipment, there are a shortage of machine guns and ammunition, an insufficient amount of night-vision equipment, and vehicles lack the protection required when daily encountering road side bombing. Another complaint is the growth in the number of medically unfit soldiers who are being compelled to serve in the front lines or cited in official statistics which claim to represent the actual number of duty-ready troops for battle.

Service men still fear they are being asked to do too much with insufficient resources because the government does not wish to increase the size of the armed forces despite being asked to take a prominent role in Afghanistan. It is time to recognize there are simply not enough soldiers to handle the complexity of a two front war both in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • paula

    our lads should be brought home. they are not given the much needed equipment to protect themselves, if you want a man to fight then treat them well .provide them with what is needed

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree.