British Bishop Defames Muslims

A senior Church of England bishop emphasized that many parts of England have become “no-go” areas for non-Muslims. the Bishoip of Rochester, Rt. Rev. Michael Nazir-Ali, argued in the Daily Telegraph that non-Muslims faced a hostile reception if they entered areas in which most people were of the Muslim faith. He criticized the government’s integration ideas as lacking a “moral and spiritual vision” because it failed to give priority to the established church which has resulted in an incoherent approach to multiculturalism. Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, argued there was no evidence to support the contention that non-Mulims fear entering areas which have large Muslim populations. “There is a legitimate debate to be had about the meaning of multiculturalism,” but to argue there is fear of entering non-Christian areas, “seems to me to be a gross caricature of reality.”

The bishop’s comments most probably reflect confusion and uncertainty among many Christian leaders of England as to the apparent decline in church attendance. For some, it may indicate a decline in the number of people who regard themselves as Christians while the bishop probably believes the Muslim faith is growing in numbers as well as power. If that hypothesis is correct, it would make more sense focusing on ways to attract Christians back to Christianity instead of blaming other religions. As for the contention there are areas in which people should not venture, I would assume such areas do exist and they contain people of multiple backgrounds and faiths.