British Bishop Walks After Prayer

An American bishop described how he was suffering from spinal disorder and decided to pray to Cardinal John Newman for assistance. He said to the Cardinal, or at least his spirit, “please Cardinal, help me to walk and suddenly I felt a tremendous sense of heat… I felt a tremendous sense of peace, joy…. and finally I could walk.” I never doubt the power of prayer to empower people doing things they thought were beyond their normal capacities, but I do wonder why Cardinal Newman felt the need to help this American gain the power to walk. In my life, there have been numerous times I have prayed for assistance. Just recently, I prayed to rabbis, Muslim clerics, and even the Catholic Church to ensure my beloved New York Yankees would win the World Series. Believe it or not, they did! Shows the power of prayer.

However, I must cite the experience of my best friend who is from Chicago and a die-hard Cub fan. He has prayed to every saint, every rabbi, every Muslim cleric, Bhuddists and even atheists, but to no avail. The Chicago Cubs have not won a pennant since the era of World War I. After reading this story, I urged him to try the Cardinal. After all, if he can empower a single person to walk, certainly he can empower the Cubs to win a few games.