British Catholics Bewildered By Catholic Church

One increasingly receives the impression members of the Vatican are securely locked into the world of medieval times while the rest of planet Earth is on 2010 time. Several days ago, the Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarclisio Bertone told a Chile audience celibacy had nothing to do with child abuse in his church and it was all due to some homosexuals who somehow got loose and were giving the church a bad name. Father Marcus Stock, general secretary of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales felt the need to remind the good Italian cardinal that he may speak for himself, but he does not speak for all Catholics. He made clear, “there is no empirical data which concludes that sexual orientation is connected to sexual abuse.” He made clear the evidence leaned in the direction that sexual abuse stems from the sexual fixation, not the sexual orientation of the individual.

There is a desperate need for Catholic leaders to come together and have open discussions concerning the issue of sexual abuse without being defensive, but fixed on how to proceed in a modern direction.