British Cooperated With Bush Rendition Program

British forces In Iraq handed over two terror suspects to the American officials who then flew the men to Afghanistan where they were interrogated. The British Defense Secretary admitted this happened in 2004. The disclosure contradicts claims by the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown government that their nation was never involved in any such activities. John Hutton, Defense Secretary said “the US Government has explained to us that they were moved to Afghanistan because of a lack of relevant linguists necessary to interrogate them effectively in Iraq. The men were classified as “unlawful enemy combatants.” Hutton now says, ‘it is clear to me that the transfer to Afghanistan of these two individuals should have been questioned at the time.”

It is fascinating a reason is offered concerning the lack of qualified linguists in Iraq. If this was true, it speaks volumes about the lack of planning on the part of the Bush administration for their invasion of Iraq. One would assume they realized in planning the invasion there would be need for linguists in Arabic. But, then again, we are discussing George Bush, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.