British Courts Defend Rights Of Immigrants!

The British Home Office has been attempting to impose tougher requirements on immigrants who entered the nation under provisions of the Higher Skills Migrant Programme, but their efforts were ended by a court decision which insisted migrants had met the criteria that was originally established for their presence and had a right to reman in a permanent status. The new regulations of the Home Office were declared to be illegal since the overwhelming majority of migrants had successfully met all requirements for permanent residency. The court argued the Home Office was focusing on problems they were encountering with a few residents and then subjecting all migrants to the necessity of reapplying even though they originally had met the requirements.

The court was clear as to the problem, saying there was “no good reason why those already in the scheme shall not enjoy the benefits of it as orgininally offered to them.” It appears in modern times, governments insist on regarding large numbers of people as problems because of the actions of a few. For example, a single man tried doing something with his shoe and now milliions have to take off their shoes when boarding a plane. Most skilled migrants to Great Britain benefit the nation, be happy about it.