British Educational Program For Muslim Youth

The presence of Muslim schools in Great Britain has raised questions concerning whether or not students are receiving a broad perspective concerning the country’s history. A new report entitled, “Preventing Violent Extremism: Next Steps For Communities” describes an educational program developed drawing upon a broad perspective of Muslim communities in the UK. Young Muslims who attend mosque schools will be offered British citizenship lessons in an effort to get across the idea an individual can adhere to the Muslim faith and still co-exist with British life. Cambridge University has been asked to create an independent board of about 20 academic and theological experts to examine issues relating to Islam and modern context.

The proposed program will train mosque teachers drawn from various cities in the UK. The object of the educational program is to make students aware life is more than an either-or situation and one can encompass a perspective on life in which ideas from diverse sources become part of one’s philosophical view on society and values. Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, an imam, who is a member of the Muslim Council of Britain, said creation of the group was driven by Muslims rather than the government.”