British Fight In Afghanistan Is Bloody And Muddy

British troops were engaged for two weeks in a massive campaign in Afghanistan that ended on Christmas Day with four dead British soldiers and over a hundred members of the Taliban. About 1,500 troops were engaged in what was among the longest and most intense battles in Afghanistan in years. According to Captain David Glendenning, “almost every day we were involved in intense fire fights ranging from rocket-propelled grenades and small arms to four-hour long battles with enemy forces as close as 30 meters.” A lance corporal said bluntly: “some of the places we stayed in were a nightmare–sleeping in the mud was worst.” There was extensive hand-to-hand battles in which men looked one another in the eye as they fought to kill one another.

The daily battles coalition and American troops must engage in are rarely reported in any depth by the American media. The media has been brain-washed by the Bush administration for years and the result is few Americans really have a grasp about the reality of what occurs in the mountains and valleys of Afghanistan.