British FM Clashes With Sri Lanka Government

British foreign secretary David Miliband and French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner clashed with Sri Lanka government officials over the status of civilians who are trapped in areas controlled by the Tamil Tigers that are being pounded by artillery of the government. Sri Lanka officials insisted they had rescued over 200,000 civilians from the war zone but this was disputed by Miliband who cited UN sources that described the death of thousands of civilians due to artillery fire. Gotabaya Rajapaksa denied those reports and insisted it was merely propoganda by the LTTE rebels. The defense secretary said it was up to the British delegation to decide whether to believe what a terrorist group said or what was being told them by a Sri Lanka government official.

The Tamil Tigers began a rebellion decades ago and during the past years have employed suicide bombers to kill innocent civilians. Now, they seek to pose as peaceful rebels who simply want both sides to cease firing. Frankly, the only solution is for them to surrender an seek the best deal they can get. The other aspect is to end artillery use and allow normal activities to complete the clean up of the rebel.