British Guardian– America Did It!

The Guardian, one of Great Britain’s oldest newspapers, expressed its delight “the American people yesterday stood in the eye of history and made an emphatic choice for change for themselves and the world.” It praised Obama’s decision to end division of the nation into blue and red areas, and to come together as Americans. The Guardian says the world will look forward with expectation as to whether there will be a new birth of liberalism, but “what is not open to doubt is that Mr. Obama’s win is a milestone in America’s racial and cultural evolution.” From now on Americans will not be judged on the basis of their skin color.

It warned that Obama confronts serious world problems in the form of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while on the domestic front America must come to grips with a broken healthcare system and serious problems in its economic structure.

“Today is for celebration, for happiness and for reflected human glory. Savour those words: President Barack Obama, America’s hope and, in no small way, ours too.”